Self Adhesive Vinyl


Vinyl stickers, decals

The vinyl cutter is an essential machine for making signs. Computer designed vector files with patterns and letters are directly cut on the roll of vinyl which is mounted and fed into the vinyl cutter through USB or serial cable. Vinyl cutters are mainly used to make signs, banners and advertisements. Advertisements seen on automobiles and vans or as wall decor are usually made with vinyl cut letters. In addition to sign business, vinyl cutters are commonly used for apparel decoration.  

To decorate apparel heat transfer vinyl is used to apply a design to fabric including T-shirts, tea towels, canvas bags, and more, a vector design needs to be cut in mirror image, weeded, and then heat applied using a commercial heat press.

We use our vinyl cutter to produce both signs and custom apparel. We import premium vinyl and original Roland blades to ensure the precision, longevity and quality of the finished signs. Adhesive Vinyl is the type of vinyl used for store windows, car decals, signage, and more. When delivered by post adhesive vinyl is applied with a transfer medium often called “Transfer Tape” or “Carrier Sheet”. Application instruction will be included.